Hey there! Welcome to Urban Exploration Mag. Thanks for checking us out. We're still building the site, but we'll be up and running in no time. For those who don't know what we're about, keep on scrolling down to find out.

Getting & Keeping You Exploring

With weekly articles, tips & tricks, inspiration, and a team of respected writers, we're here to offer you the information you need to get into UrbEx in Milwaukee and we're here to keep you inspired to do your thing.

'What If'

Our 'What If' feature will give information to the wet behind the ears and the experienced alike, casting information on a variety of topics from dealing with security to dealing with injuries and many other topics

Keeping you interested

With many different varieties of UrbEx and many different people writing about these topics we're going to be keeping it clear and fresh.


We don't just want to post photos of cool stuff and call it a day-nah! We're gonna show you the history that makes it cool.

Yeah, and?

And it's gonna be awesome! Other things that we'll be doing include videos of outings, diverse photosets, interesting forays into the theory of UrbEx, creative output by some of Milwaukee's best writers and urban explorers, all coming together to make things awesome

Ok, ya got me.

Great, glad you dig the idea. Come on back here every once in a while to check on things. Meanwhile, get out there and explore your city!